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Key Features

The Bodycraft Mini Xpress utilises pulleys and cables for unrestricted, completely natural, and biomechanical correct movements. You define the path, providing for a greater, more natural range of motion, which incorporates the use of a stabiliser and core muscle groups – an advantage not found on typical home gyms.
The Mini Xpress is an effective way to build strength and balance for every day activities, or for recreational sports!
It is a dumbbell style modular home gym providing correct form for every dumbbell exercise. Great alternative to a set of dumbbells and bench!
Seat is adjustable. Seat back can adjusts front-to-back and tilts up-and-down providing support at every angle!
Its base unit consists of the adjustable cable arms, and AB crunch.


  • OPTIONAL Lat pull-down attachment.
  • OPTIONAL Leg Extension / Curl Attachment, (cabled to the weight slide by attaching the cables to the adjustable cable arms).
  • 150lbs (68kg) Weight Stack (plate-loaded weight slide doubles as the top plate, so the user can always add plates to the stack).
Assembled Dimensions: 211cm (83″) x 211cm (83″).

• Base unit 163cm (64”).

• Lat Attachment: 211cm (83”).
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Weight 68 kg
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