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For your day to day life, sports, or leisure activities, the Bodycraft LPFTG allows you to tain the way you moce. You define the oath of motion allowing you to strengthen ever part of your body for the way you want to live. It’s that simple!

Functional Training improves co-ordination, blance & increased core strength.

  • Functional Trainer Accessories Includes: Attached exercide book, DVD, 2 single handles, long bar sport stick, triceps rope, chin/pushup assist strap, ankle cuff, 2 chains & integrated multi-grip chin bar.
  • Cable Column Pulleys: Independent, adjustable cable columns pulleys with 30 different height positions that roate 200 degrees allowing you to train from every angle & any height.


Weight Stack: Duel 160LBS (weight ratio 2:1).

Weight Stack Enclosures: Full length acrylic panels provide safety & beauty.

Assembled Dimensions: 99cm (39″) L x 132cm (52″) W x 208cm (82″) H.

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Weight 150 kg
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