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Advanced lifters will find they stop achieving gains whilst only training with a straight bar.

Unique Weight Distribution
The weight distribution falls between the front squat and the back squat to vary your power output training. This bar is a safer option for intense squat progressions or maximum load lifts. The bar increases your maximum working weight when compared to the traditional back squat.

Better for your Back
Lifting with the Olympic Safety Squat Bar creates less stress on the L5 vertabrae which is a tremendous benefit to anyone with lower back pain and also helps with keeping a good, upright back posture. It’s especially useful for those suffering from arm/shoulder injuries or flexibility issues, or those who have trouble using a straight bar.

Heavy Duty, Fully Welded Steel Tubing
Superior quality, strength and stability to handle high volume commercial usage. Load up to 300kg in weight plates.

Chrome Coating

Fits Power Cages and Power Racks
*Olympic Weight Plates and Clamps Sold Separately.


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Weight 21 kg
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