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Stretching is an essential part of any exercise routine, either as an effective preparation before a workout or to allow muscles to regain form after a workout. Flexibands help you to achieve muscular vitality for overall better health & fitness. Highly versatile, FlexiBands allow you to improve both your upper and lower body flexibility and control the amount of stretch so that it remains safe and within your comfort zone. You can suit your own stretching needs and perform static, isometric or dynamic stretches, as shown in the extensive instruction guide provided. Not only the ultimate tool to improve flexibility and range of motion, FlexiBands can also improve posture and prevent injuries caused by the practice of sports or simple daily activity.Key Benefits Improve flexibility and joint range of motion Reduce tendon and muscle tension and pain Prevent injuries and assist in recovery Help leverage sports performance Contribute to better posture and relaxation Allow safe stretching through self-control Enhance blood circulation. Available in 3 different sizes according to your height:

Small/Pink – less than 165cm,
Medium/Orange – 165cm -190cm,
Large/Lime – Greater than 190cm

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