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An effective bench press aid that will assist in overload work as well as progression into equipped lifting with a bench shirt. The Lockout can add an additional 20-40kg to your RAW bench press.

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Slide the Lockout up onto your biceps where it will sit nice and snug. If you have selected a particularly small size, you may have to wrestle it on the first few times. Once you are comfortable with its position, begin bench pressing while adjusting to bars new path created by the Lockout. You will want to wear the Lockout higher than you think, so a high position on the biceps is ideal.

As you will be lifting heavier weights than you could usually handle, it is advised to have a spotter when using the Lockout to avoid getting pinned under a loaded bar; which sucks.


Measuring around your unflexed bicep circumference, select the size closest to your measurement.  If you sit right between sizes, go the size up.
Bicep Size

M: 23cm
L: 28cm
XL: 31cm
2XL: 35cm
3XL: 38cm
4XL: 41cm
5XL: 44cm
6XL: 47cm
7XL: 51cm

Additional information

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 20 cm


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