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Key Features

Perfect for those who do not have space for bag stands or free standing bags. Mounted to the wall using a steel frame which is included, you can still get a boxing work out using minimal space. It is a specialist piece that is used for close boxing skills especially elbow strike.

All VIP Skill Bags are Australian Made & designed.

All bags use Vinyl that is UV protected & anti-cracking.

Perfectly designed Wall Mounted Skill Bag made with dense Foam padding to absorb shock. Ideal for uppercut & strike-based training.

High quality Rip Stop Vinyl for increased durability.

Rounded edge to avoid any rough feel when throwing kicks.

Provides multiple angles to choose from.

Reinforced No.8 Tamper Proof Zip.

Fully double stitched.

Material: 680gsm Rip Stop Vinyl.

Velcro Loop: 62cm x 50mm x 8mm.

Velcro Hook: 62cm x 50mm x 8mm.

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Weight 25 kg
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